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Digital Transformation in Process Safety and HSE

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AIFCO motto is:

Smart solutions for sustainability and safety

In order to realize this motto in our customers' business environments, we will create process safety and HSE based on digital transformation. The importance of digital transformation before the Covid pandemic was a topic that mainly focused on customer experience. But after the Corona crisis, everything changed and accelerated. Currently, digital transformation, especially in process safety, is central to operational efficiency and innovation in all businesses and especially process industries.

Typically, in process industries, the scope of changes occurs on a smaller scale than in the past. Boards and CEOs in these industries feel the pressure and recognize the opportunity for transformation for the entire organization. Today, the importance of digital transformation in production stability and process safety has become an important issue for business managers.

For more than ten years, we have provided consulting, engineering and specialized training services for the prevention, culture, identification and assessment of operational risks in the oil, gas, petrochemical, steel and power plants industries.

Our business is focused on these goals:

  1. Creating integrated software platforms for intelligentization and better management of process safety
  2. Increase and maintain production through HSE and process safety platforms
  3. Reducing unwanted downtime and increasing reliability
  4. Insurance risk management
  5. New services in HSE and process safety engineering consulting
  6. Business Continuity Management System )BCMS) and related software systems