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Process and Electrical Isolation


Process, Mechanical and Electrical Isolation


Process industries are always characterized by a large volume of welded and interconnected pipelines and pipes associated with process vessels, units and facilities. The contents of these lines and vessels are often dangerous materials that can be flammable, explosive or toxic and are often at high temperatures or pressures.

Any interventionist activities such as maintenance activities, inspections..., if not done correctly and safely, can lead to the release of a large amount of these materials. Designing and implementing appropriate engineering methods of process and mechanical isolations is a necessary action at the level of process complexes to prevent these leaks.

The presence of design and implementation defects, during the isolation and restart operations of process facilities, is one of the main causes of events leading to material leakage and stopping the production of complexes, which have a high potential to cause major accidents. Applying acceptable and well-known codes, standards and technical experiences in the field of isolation engineering and applying technical changes and optimizations in operating units in this regard, leads to safer control and management during high-risk maintenance activities and routine maintenance, overhauls and restarting facilities, especially in high-risk industries.

Ask us for these services:

  • Process and Mechanical Isolation Review
  • Electrical Isolation Review
  • Determine effective safe testing and monitoring mechanisms for process and mechanical isolations
  • Development of safe procedures for electrical, mechanical and process isolations
  • Selection and supply of new isolation equipment such as Quick Line Blind (QLB), new types of spades and...