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Where We Go?

In a fast-moving forward world, employers are looking to accelerate their digital HSE transformation to protect workers, facilities and equipment, reduce costs, sustain production, and improve overall organizational flexibility. In this unprecedentedly transformative process, it's no longer just about HSE and process safety experts and managers looking to digitize their HSE workflows. Rather, all stakeholders involved move in one direction.

As a result of rapidly changing government and organizational regulations during the Covid pandemic, companies in industries with heavy regulatory and compliance requirements such as petrochemicals company, refineries, powerplants, pharmaceuticals, R&D industries, insurers, HSE and process safety professionals are now the main drivers of PS and HSE digitization. In these industries, the risks of non-compliance can be severe, and the ability to digitally monitor and identify and predict risks is critical to maintaining competitiveness.

We have designed systems and platforms to use Digital Transformation (DT) capabilities to improve PSM and HSE operational procedures and manuals, according to our experiences we gained in engineering consulting projects related to process safety and HSE. This new service is being rapidly developed in AIFCO team. Our main services and products:

  • Hardware systems as well as HSE and process safety intelligence platforms
  • Integrated process safety software systems, fully compatible with Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and other integrated software systems
  • Educational systems and improving the culture of learning from occupational and process incidents, with a team approach and high effectiveness of training
  • Web-based software to implement process safety management system (PSM) separately for each element (based on OSHA, EI or CCPS models)
  • Specialized Permits and LOTO software
  • Smart process safety evaluation software using the OperSafe method with a management dashboard.