Process Safety and Reliability Services

PSM Gap Analysis and Implementation Engineering Services

Asset Integrity Management (AIM) Services

AIM, Asset Integrity & Reliability, Critical Equipment and SECs Engineering Services

Process and Electrical Isolation Services

Process and Electrical Isolation Review, and Isolation Equipment Supply

Insurance Risk Management Services

Risk Inspection & Loss Assessor Services

Electrical and Mechanical LOTO Services

PTW and Lock Out and Tag Out Implementation Engineering Services and LOTO Tools Supply

Digital Transformation in Process Safety and HSE

Design and Production of Process Safety Software and Digital Transformation Platforms in HSE

Crisis Management Services

Crisis Management Services

Identifying emergency conditions, especially for operating variables in process industries, is one of our core services. There are interesting and standard connections between PSM, BCMS and emergency and CM projects.

Emergency planning introduces methods for identifying and assessing hazards and vulnerabilities that require a crisis management and emergency response plan.

Our process develops a standard methodology for organizing, drafting and implementing emergency preparedness and emergency action plans and related procedures. These designate how response teams will respond and document actions related to specific incidents.

These comprehensive plans also address decision authorities, an emergency incident manager and designated back-up, specific protocols for dealing with scenarios most likely to occur crisis situations, coordination with security and business recovery elements and notification/communication mechanisms.

We provide emergency engineering and crisis management services in cooperation with AIFCO's international partners in Europe:


  • Designing a comprehensive management plan for emergency and crisis management
  • Identifying worse case scenarios, designing and compiling ERPs and PIPs for them
  • Designing fire stations in process and production industries
  • Comprehensive crisis management software
  • Consequence Modelling
  • Fire Incident Investigation
  • Fire and Explosion Hazard Management (FEHM)
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Training services
  • Emergency Planning for Major Accident Hazard
  • Design of Active and Passive firefighting systems
  • Holding firefighting and crisis management training at different levels including: Industrial firefighter 1,2 – Industrial fire Officer 1,2 - HAZMAT Awareness, Operations – ICS 100 – ICS 200 – ICS 300 – Crisis Management for CMT Members and ….. .